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Welcome to is the market of Fully established Web Sites and Internet Business for Sale & Purchase.We are the leading marketplace where you can find web sites to buy that have traffic and earnings already.
We have the listing available to anyone who wants to sell or buy an already existing web site.
There is no charge to list or look at web sites available for sale.

For Sellers: By providing some basic information ,your site will be available to the thousands of people looking to buy sites like yours. To get benefit through our site you (the seller)just have to fill-up a few details that will provide some information to the people interested in buying a site.When your site will be selected to buy they (the buyer) will directly contact you.We are not playing any role here.

For Buyers:You (the buyer)can browse all the listing available of “Websites For Sale”.You can search our listing as per your desired Trade, budget,traffic, expected earnings etc. and contact the site owners directly.

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